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Déjà 4 dîners à travers le monde et ce n'™est qu'™un début
article publié le 4 septembre 2010

Déjà 4 dîners à travers le monde et ce n'™est qu'™un début
"Los Angeles rencontre Cologne, Johannesburg rencontre New York et Vancouver rencontre Paris…"

Ces derniers mois afin de préparer le lancement de, une phase de test a été faite via Facebook pour valider notre concept et avoir un maximum de retour. Très vite nous nous sommes rendu compte que l’idée plaisait beaucoup et qu’il y avait une réelle attente en la matière, à savoir découvrir la cuisine des autres - autrement.
Pendant que le site était en construction nos groupes Facebook ont été à l’origine de 4 dîners chez l’habitant, entre inconnus.

Voici les commentaires de nos premiers foodies:

“…My very kind and fantastic host invited me over for a typical French lunch and I was lucky to meet her and her extremely interesting friends. She prepared a meal of Chicken with a side of potatoes and salade, for desert we had delicious apple pie and yes, plenty of amazing French wine flowed during the discussions. Needless to say I had a once in a lifetime experience and it is something I would highly recommend to anyone visiting Paris. Cheers.”

Pulkit (25), Indien, ville actuelle Paris/France

“We thoroughly enjoyed meeting and hosting Carla and Jean Pierre from Johannesburg, South Africa. As lovers of food and travel, we were eager to share a dish frequently served at home - ox tail braised in red wine sauce, paired with some red wine of course. Veronica, our food blogging daughter, seized the gift they brought - a cookbook from South Africa. It actually inspired her in a food event - also on our rooftop garden.”

Wendy, Long Island City, New York/Etats-Unis

“…We had a lovely dinner with a wonderful family in New York City. Our hosts gave us a warm reception, and prepared a delicious meal for the evening. Not only did we learn more about American cuisine, but we also learnt more about the everyday life of a New York family, something which we would not have had the privilege to be exposed to if we didn't take part in the concept!...”

“…What an unique and wonderful experience! I think anyone who enjoys travelling, learning about other cultures and food would find this concept amazing. We had a fantastic night filled with stories, recipes and experiences from our different cultures. I cannot wait to do it again & maybe host my own dinner one day!”

Jean Pierre (29) et Carla (27), Johannesburg/Afrique du Sud

“We had a great dinner with our guests from Los Angeles! We enjoyed our German BBQ on my balcony a lot and the atmosphere was really relaxed, although we didn’t know each other before. This Friday evening we spent was very different from our usual week-ends. We would do it again and also love to be guest anywhere in the world one day!”

Mara (28) et Lars (29), Cologne/Allemagne

“We met a wonderful couple in Cologne. We were not sure what to expect, but we decided to take a chance and see what happens. We were so glad we did. They cooked a traditional German BBQ with all different types of snacks. There were many drinks, laughs and stories shared. After, we went for a walk around Cologne and saw the Dom at night from a nearby bridge. We would have never discovered anything like that without help from a local. Best of all, we have new friends we can return the favor for when they come visit America. Prost!”

“…It was such a wonderful meal and great company. Livemyfood is a fantastic idea!...”

Noel (28) et Christine (23), Los Angeles, CA/Etats-Unis

Déjà 4 dîners à travers le monde et ce n'™est qu'™un début Déjà 4 dîners à travers le monde et ce n'™est qu'™un début

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Déjà 4 dîners à travers le monde et ce n'™est qu'™un début - article publié le 4 septembre 2010 - "Los Angeles rencontre ... lire la suite

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